DÉCOUVERTE: MurderFace! Taking over the city with their Faces of Def

MurderFace released their first EP, Faces of Def on March 18, 2011. From left to right: Scynikal, Shaolyn, The Teknition and Cracked Lips

Voici une retranscription d’un entretien avec Cracked Lips du groupe MurderFace, qui a eu lieu la semaine dernière aux petites heures du matin. MurderFace fait de plus en plus de bruit dans les rues de Montréal, ils viennent de sortir leur premier EP, Faces of Def, et Cracked Lips nous informe sur leurs prochains mooves. **Entretien en anglais seulement**

Here is the transcript of a conversation with Cracked Lips, from the Hip Hop group MurderFace. They’ve been making a lot of noise lately and just released their first EP –Faces of Def, on March 18, 2011. Cracked Lips tells us about what’s coming their way.


Caiman. Yo! What’s up man? Are you busy right now? Maybe we can do this small interview?

Cracked Lips. No problem, cool, let’s do it!

Caiman. Ok, so… let’s start with something simple, when and how did MurderFace started on the rap game? And for those who don’t know yet, who are the members of the group, who produced the EP Faces of Def that you released on March 18, 2011?

Cracked Lips. MurderFace was formed on Sept. 23, 2009. The four of us (CL. Scynikal, Teknition, Shaolyn) had a cipher at Tek’s house.

Caiman. So, is that how you guys met and formed Murderface?

CRACKED LIPS.…the days of Dirty South copyswags and forced NY slangery is over. Be yourfuckingself. And if that sucks, then just stop.” – Cracked Lips

Cracked Lips. No, me and Tek had been friends since about 2005, and we met originally once in 2003 at a Kool Keith show. Tek was showing him beats, and then I rapped. Tek was thinking ‘who’s this herb with the beard?’ (my beard was huge back then) and Keith liked my bars, and so did Tek. So, then Keith was like `You should get beats from… he should make beats for you…’. And we both pretended like we cared, and never spoke again till 2005 when we met again through a mutual friend. Scyn and Shao have been friends since last decade; they used to be in a massive squad called the Basement All Stars with Urbn Logx, Street Cypher Star and many others. Street Cypher Star who was shot in the head by a cop and is now incarcerated. Scyn and Shao met Tek thru Urbn Logx. I chilled with Shao a bit in like 2006, but only like 10 times and we didn’t know each other that well. Anyway, me and Scyn were gonna just do a song the two of us on a Tek beat. Then Tek was like ‘we should start a group the three of us’. And Scyn was like ‘what if Shaolyn is in it too…’, and we both knew his bars, and I always thought he was dope, so we formed. The EP is entirely produced by Teknition.

Caiman. And what’s the group philosophy? Is there a message you want to share? How do you think you guys distinguish yourselves from other rappers from MTL, but also Canada and USA? What’s your main advantage (as a group) over other rappers or groups?

Cracked Lips. Philosophy, I don’t know, were kinda all just crazy and morbid a bit. There’s many messages, depends on the song. We’re distinguished. We’re the only visible four man group, as far as I know. Not a group like a crew that collabs sometimes, but one that’s actual artists together. Unless I’m forgetting someone… NL5 has 5 rappers f course (laughing). Oh no, wait, there’s the Renegades… Well we’re one of the two that people know about… Anyway, we’re also two black dudes, two white dudes. I can only think of one other in entire hip hop, and they’re pure garbage (and I know a lot). We don’t try to copy American rap, but still somehow sound closer to it than a lot of MTL rappers. I don’t know, it doesn’t sound like a struggle when we rap… We have four completely different rapping styles, which is unusual. Our advantages include super hype live shows compared to almost any rap anywhere. We live as hell! You know that! Plus me and Scyn are two of the best freestylers in the world. There, I said it. And I meant it.

State of Mind – Scynikal of MurderFace

SCYNIKAL." and Scyn are two of the best freestylers in the world." - Cracked Lips

Caiman. Yeah man, I agree 100% about the hippest live shows, but talking about freestyles, you are also known for crazy freestyles live at the radio, tell us about that.

Cracked Lips. Yeah, I freestyled a lot on the Off the Hook radio show. I def have the most bars on there ever, and the most sick ones too. Straight the fuck up. I got like five minutes rollercoaster that’s like five years old, and more. Yeah man, a lot of wasted genius. The archives are fucked. Even had a sick one from like 2-3 weeks ago, and its gone too now. SMH, too bad… I think then people would know really what a beasts I am, sick writings I got, but sick writings are not rare… sick frees are. I’m a monster, people think they’re written…

Caiman. And do your freestyle abilities influence your writing?

Cracked Lips. Yeah, it made me the beast I am. So, all you younger whippersnappers out there, don’t let those douchefags tell you frees ain’t shit. For real tho, frees made me sick, cause written felt so easy, they were boring. I would spit frees in ciphers with people doing only written, and I would completely outclass them. It was ridiculous. My writing game, however, cause I hated it, was kinda weak. I’ve been a dope freestyler since like 02/03 debatable, but my prime of frees was 04 to 08, I would say. I‘m less good now, cause there’s less ciphers and open mic’s. MTL hates rap apparently.

Caiman. Tell us what’s coming up for Murderface? Will you guys concentrate on a new album, or will you focus on crushing mc’s on battles?

Cracked Lips. No focus. MurderFace doesn’t focus. We throw shit at shit, we just do everything. Me and Scyn will be battling and song making, but after my battle on April 23 vs. Wird of Pley (Worcester, Massachusetts) in Toronto, I’m gonna take a break from battles. At least, a small one to re-train my brain to rap on beats. But ya, I’ve been slacking on this next battle, but don’t tell Wirds of Pley. But he’s still dead. I’ve been killing the track rapping tho, wrote like 8 dope song verses recently. I’m on fire beat wise. I need to regenerate to A Capella disrespect immediately tho, and MurderFace will be making music, killing shit… me too… on some solo aptitudes.

Save em – Shaolyn of MurderFace

SHAOLYN."Scyn was like ‘what if Shaolin is in it too…’, and we both knew his bars, and I always thought he was dope, so we formed." - Cracked Lips

Caiman. So you’ve got a battle on the 23rd, a show on the 16, are you planning a tour this summer?

Cracked Lips. I have a show on the 15th, a show on the 16th, a battle on the 23rd, a show on May 10 (laughing). Yeah, a lot of rapping happening.

Caiman. And will you be filming a video soon?

Cracked Lips. That’s in the works, not that soon tho, but ya, should happen (laughing), so…

Caiman. Ok, Ok, and anything you wish to say to aspiring rappers, haters or the people in the Canadian or Quebec rap scene?

Cracked Lips. Yeah man, just don’t miss on April 15, 2011, Artcons, Slik Jack, Logic Johnson, featuring MurderFace, Boom Bap Cats, El Cotola, Penzo, Spookone, Aspect Mendoza, Obia le Chef, Rico Blox for the Art-Cons Album launch at O Patro Vys.

To aspiring rappers: Freestyle till you’re good at it, edit when you write. Just write and free all the time if you want to be good, and show diversity!

To the haters: Well, so many answers to that one (laughing).

To the scene: It’s over for you. Your with us or affiliated, or you’re nothing. The best rappers in the city are me and my friends, with some exceptions, real talk! Also, the days of Dirty South copyswags and forced NY slangery is over. Be yourfuckingself. And if that sucks, then just stop. Stop glorifying unjustified violence that half of you don’t even do anyway. Rest in peace to Bad News, go to his tribute show on May 8 at the Metropolis. The days of copying and rapping 1998 Redman punch lines that are stolen, they’re done. Those days are finished. No more being everyone else except you when you rap, don’t be afraid to be funny. Ok, I’ll stop (laughing). What’s the next one?

THE TEKNITION. "The EP is entirely produced by Teknition." - Cracked Lips

Caiman. Ok, let’s finish with one last question, why did you guys choose the name MurderFace, what does it means for you and/or the group?

Cracked Lips. Tek named us after a cartoon, the bass player for Metal Colapse or some Tek shit. The name is a name (laughing).

Caiman. Ok ok (laughing), and any last words, something else you want people to know?

Cracked Lips. Again, don’t miss on April 15 Art-Cons album release party at O Patro Vyz, 356 St-Denis, on April 16, Onyx, MurderFace, Boom Bap Cats and Hindu Kush at Le Cabaret du Mille-End, on April 23, KOTD Gridlocked in Toronto. Me, Spookone, Scynikal, Loe and Osa have battles. Also on May 10, Tech Nine and MurderFace at Le Belmont and… Buy the MurderFace EP Faces of Def on Bandcamp, or holler at anyone in the group for physical copies – ONLY 5 $

Caiman. Ha ha ha, nice!! Ok man, I think it’ll do, anyways, I got to go, I’m at work right now and if I want to finish on time, but thank you for your time man, we appreciate it.

Cracked Lips. No prob man, it was my pleasure, make sure to come thru the 15th and the 16th, and I know it’s funny, but I’m serious: Bring Latinas!

Caiman. (laughing) Ok man, I keep it in mind and I’ll be there!


First Live Show – MurderFace


MurderFace - Faces of Def EP -

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